Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Using Chains to Increase Workout Intensity

Have you ever thought about way to make your workouts harder?  Or perhaps searched for methods to help you from getting bored with your current workouts.   One way to solve both these problems is to add chains to your workout of the day.

One example is to add chains while performing Barbell Squats.  You do this by adding a weighted chain on both sides of the bar.  A good start weight is 20 to 40 pounds.   As you squat down the chains will get lighter as it bundles on the floor.    In contrast as you move into standing position the chains will unravel and actually become heavier.

You can also start this lift in the bottom portion of the squat v.s standing.  This way the weight is reduced at the start and increases as you perform.

For further information using chains, click on this link http://hub.me/aeRi0 to read more.

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