Friday, May 3, 2013

Barbell Squat Combined with An Over Head Press Movement

Nothing like a full body exercise to really wake up the body and get your metabolism firing.   One such workout in particular is a barbell squat with an over head press.   This is considered an intermediate to advance exercise as it requires proper balance, core and shoulder stability, and proper technique must be adhered too or chance of injury could happen.

How to Perform BB Squat and Press

  1. Lift bar from rack position
  2. Step back if needed
  3. Squat down - being sure to keep back straight
  4. Squat down to your limit
  5. Begin to stand keeping feet flat and weight in your heals
  6. Slowly stand and when your reach full standing height begin to perform the overhead press
  7. Press the bar until arms are full extended.  The arms can be locked out.
  8. Breath at this position and begin to reset back to the start by reversing the order
Perform as many reps as needed to achieve the goal you are looking for.   For more information on Squat and Press Exercise you can read my full article by clicking here!