Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 Simple Ways To Improve at Chin-ups

Chin-ups and Pull-ups are no joke and many people refuse to even try to perform 1 repetition.   All is not lost and don't give up.  These two exercises are amazing for developing your back and giving you that nice V look.

5 Easy ways to Improve at Chin-ups or Pull-ups:
  1. Use a chair or partner for assistance
  2. Eccentric lowering.  Jumping and slowly lowering down
  3. Allow yourself to use momentum
  4. Perform them at the start of your workout
  5. Lastly use the gym machine that assists by reducing your body weight. They are called assisted pullup machine.
Main thing is to keep on trying and trying.  Soon you will be doing 1 then 3, then 20.  Slowly and with patience is the only way.

Hope you try them out.  If you want to read more on performing chin-ups then read this other article by clicking here!

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