Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Brief look at why having a strong core is important

The muscles that exactly make up the core are always up for debate.  However we all know that haveing a strong core is important for keeping body posture and proper muscle balance,.   Did you know that having a strong core, also contributes to many other benefits such as:

  1. Increased athletic performance
  2. Improved balance
  3. Prevents injury
  4. Reduces strain on joints
  5. Better ability at catching yourself from slipping
  6. Increased breathing
These are just some of the clear and simple benefits of a good strong core.   Many researches and professional trainers talk about the continuous need to improve over all core stability .and we are learning more weekly.  However it still comes down to hard work, proper workout technique, seeking advice when needed, and knowing how or what to workout.

If your looking for a particular article to get you started on training I would suggest this article called
Core Workout - Bicycle Ab Crunch with a Pause

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