Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hold Back On The Condiments and Help Keep The Weight Off

There are so many choices we can make daily in keeping with in our calorie allowance.   A easy way to keep your weight down and limit your calorie intake is to say no to condiments.  Sound crazy?  Well a simple package of ketchup for instance can be 10 to 20 calories a pack.  

How does that help you stay slim or lose weight?
We tend to use 60 to 80 calories when we squeeze it from a bottle at the kitchen table.   If we were to use ketchup or similar condiment daily we would add approximatly 500 calroies a week.  At 3500 calories needed to lose 1 pound, you can see it does not take long before you have added 1 more pound to you.

So keep the condiments off or limit their intake and this might just be what you needed to see the changes you were hoping for.