Friday, August 9, 2013

Core Workout - Plank Position with Forward Dumbbell Raise Exercise

Is it time for another plank workout? This weeks workout is plank with an anterior DB raise.  This plank with a stabilized dumbbell raise workout may be just what you need to add some needed flare to your core workouts. Remember to always work within your bodies limits.
  1. Choose a light dumbbell your comfortable lifting. Most women find 3 – 5 pounds acceptable for this workout, most guys tend to like 8 pound to 12 pounds.
  2. Adopt a Plank position, this time you will be on your hands holding the dumbbells you have chosen.
  3. Make sure the weights in your hands are below your shoulders and palms are facing each other.
  4. Keeping one arm straight and both feet firmly on the ground with knees up, slowly bring one arm straight out and up. Raise your arm till it’s about shoulder height.
  5. Return to normal position, breather, and repeat with the other arm.
  6. Alternate between the arms getting raised
  7. When both arms have been raised and returned to normal start position then that is 1 repetition.
  8. Try to aim for 15 – 20 reps.
  9. Make sure you’re bracing yourself and keeping your body stabilized throughout the range of motion.
  10. If you find this method too easy you can also try lifting more weight or elevating your feet then performing this exercise.
Hope you enjoy it and if you’re looking for more training ideas and methods. Check out here!

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