Sunday, August 18, 2013

Benefits Of Resistance Training and Why You Should Strength Train

Personal Trainers and health educators have been speaking about the benefits of resistance training (also known as weight training) for a some time now. There are tons of studies that look into resistance training and its effects. One such study for example is by Cornelissen, VĂ©ronique A., et al. "Impact of Resistance Training on Blood Pressure and Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors A Meta-Analysis of Randomized, Controlled Trials".

We may think everyone would be taking part in some form of resistance training, however this is not true. Many people still do not partake in resistance training and if they are they are not doing enough. Resistance training can be achieved with the use of dumbbells, barbells, body weight, or from using a kettle bell or similar type of strength training device. Below are 5 key benefits to resistance training.

Below are 5 benefits to resistance training:
Increased Bone Density - With ongoing proper resistance training has shown to help by increasing bone density. What’s best about resistance training and bone density is, the sooner you start the more bone density you should achieve. This may not seem that important now, but as you get older this will become an area of concern. 

Improved Immunity – Working out, not only increases muscle and joints strength but also helps strengthen cells and improves your ability to fight off diseases and infections. One particular group that is increased from the good stress of working out is something called K cells. K-cells play a very important role in host rejection and fighting off infections. If you’re bored Google K-cells, or Kcells for some educational reading.

Increased Energy – Through the use of weight training your body gets better at using energy and also gets better with energy production. This increase in energy can at times be felt right after the workout and can carry on throughout the day. I have personally heard from many people who love working out early morning before work for this reason alone.

Enhanced Metabolism – After the initial workout the muscle are broken down.   During this repair process your body needs to take in energy to assist with the repair.  You body also uses more energy throughout the day based on how much lean muscle mass you have.   With more muscle, your body will increase in the amount of energy it needs.  This then leads to a further reduction in body fat as well.

Increased Strength and Muscle Endurance – An obvious positive impact of resistance training, but it is still good to make sure we all know the benefits.    By resistance training within different intensities we can achieve the goal we want.   An example would be training for endurance vs. power.   If training in “different zones” is not for you, than just train somewhere between 8 and 15 repetitions and enjoy the workout.

Other Benefits include some of the following:

  1. Helps with Depression
  2. Improvement in Posture
  3. Helps increase BMR
  4. Reduce stress
  5. Improved heart rate
  6. Can increase lung function  

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