Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A New Year, A New Mix of Training - Kickboxing to A Tabata Style Method

We all know or have heard about the style of training called Tabata.  But just to remind those who have forgot, its training to max intensity and speed you can do for 20 seconds.  Then when the 20 seconds is up you rest for 10 seconds and repeat this over and over 8 times.    The best way is to choose 6 to 8 exercises and best to keep it around 30 minutes long.  This is because a whole hour of this style of exercising can be too extreme.

What I have done is figured out two sets of kickboxing workouts as the 6 to 8 exercises mentioned above and complete the exercises using the Tabata style.   An example would be jab, cross for workout 1, straight kicks for workout 2, and perhaps uppercuts for workout 3.  Just a brief example.   Give it a try and design your own workout.  If you would like I have written a full article on it already that includes easy to follow example.  Click on this --> kickboxing! <--link to read it if interested.

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