Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Pair of Boxing Gloves for Kickboxing Class - Rival RB10 Intelli-Shock bag gloves

I finally spent some more money on a pair of boxing gloves and so fair I have not been disappointed.  The gloves really do take comfort to the next level.  What I like most is how snug they feel when I put my hand in and the way they wrap just enough that makes them comfortable.  Something is different about the design but it works for them. The company claims they absorb 40% more than traditional gloves and is made 38% lighter as well.   That;s good and all but the best part for me besides the comfort is how breathable they are and you really can tell after a few boxing sessions.

The gloves are Rival's Intelli-shock bag gloves.  These gloves are technically not for sparring but could easily pass for sparring or training if a person so chose.  

If your looking for a pair yourself click here! Or click on the image of the gloves below please.
Rival RB10 Intelli-Shock bag gloves for Kickboxing Class

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