Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to Squat, and is Squatting bad for your Knees

There are times when a person may not be able to perform barbell or dumbbell squats low enough so their knees past that 90 degree mark.   However, for most people out there its perfectly fine for them.  It's just they have not either developed the strength  or the technique to do it properly.

How to perform Squat Exercise
  1. When squatting make sure your back is straight and does not curl
  2. Begin with a nice solid stance.  Most people say feet shoulder width apart
  3. As you squat make sure you bum goes back.  As if your sitting in a chair
  4. Ensure your knees stay behind your toes.  This way your body is not falling forward and placing added pressure on knee joints
  5. Go down as deep as you comfortably can
  6. Lastly, while keeping your feet flat on the ground, your going to push through your heels and stand back up.
  7. Repeat as many reps as needed
 Build up your strength and better your technique and you will have no problems getting lower during your squatting exercises.

If you are interested in reading where some of the squat myth came from, if squats are bad for your knees, and why people should not be afraid of squats, then read this article here!

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