Friday, March 22, 2013

Working Your Core With Bicycle Ab Crunch

Bicycle Alternating Ab Crunch

Here is a nice way to work your core.  This exercise targets lots of different muscles and is one that I love.

How to Perform it:

  1. Lay down your back
  2. Life legs off floor and pull 1 knee up to chest
  3. Bring opposite elbow up and across to the knee that you have up
  4. Straighten the leg that is up and bring up the other leg to your chest
  5. Again at the same time while moving your legs forward and back you move other elbow now to your knee that is up
  6. Repeat this process repeatedly until fatigued or desired number of repetitions are achieved
 Watch the strain this may place on your neck and lower back for some.

Enjoy and let me know how it went.

To read how to do a beginner or advance version of this exercise read this article by clicking here!

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