Saturday, April 6, 2013

Are You Getting Enough Iron? A Look at Simple Sources of Iron

What Iron Does

Iron is responsible for making hemoglobin in your blood (found in red blood cells). Hemoglobin transports oxygen to your cells throughout your body. Without it you end up feeling more tired, like you lack energy, may have difficulty with concentration, and you may begin looking abnormally pale. “This is because without proper supply of iron you’re not getting the oxygen or energy your body needs. Keep in mind as well that adult females may need almost double the amount” (Health Canada). This is very important, even more so to menopausal women. They are more likely to suffer from anaemia which can further progress to loss of energy and further fatigue.


How much Iron is enough?

Children- Roughly 7 – 10mg
Adolescent Male – 8-11mg
Adolescent Female – 9 -13 – Should be around 8mg
Adolescent Female – 14 – 18 Roughly around 15mg
Adults – Male over 19 – 8mg is generally enough
Adult Female – 19 – 50 years old – 18mg
Adult Female – 50 and above – 8mg
It is also good to point out at that Vitamin C is needed and helps iron be absorbed. Remember as good as iron is, taking too may be harmful.

Excellent Sources
Some excellent sources of Iron are clams, tofu, beans, chickpeas, lentils and of course liver.

Good Sources
Some good sources of iron are goat meat, beef, shrimp, oatmeal, black beans and whole grains.

Okay Sources
Lastly some other sources of iron are eggs, lamb, baked potato, almonds, and dried apricots

This is just a quick summary for you if you’re wondering what to eat to get more iron. This is in no way replacement for seeing a physician and getting checked. Also please keep in mind, that supplements are not always the best option and generally do not replace the benefits given from natural sources. Remember to feed those muscles with oxygen, so keep that Haemoglobin going.

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