Monday, April 8, 2013

Kick Boxing Class Day 1 Considerations

Nothing like the calories you burn in kickboxing to help you trim down and build lean muscle.  However the first day of any class can be tough and I believe even more so when your kickboxing.   The first day you need to just try your best and make sure you work within your limits and not over do it.   Even if your fit in other areas and workout all the time.  The difference between other workouts and kick boxing training is noticeable on your first day.

10 Things to consider on Day 1 of Kickboxing Class:

  1. Bring water
  2. Easy  on and off boxing gloves
  3. hand wraps
  4. Listen
  5. Learn
  6. Have fun
  7. Stay Safe
  8. Don't injure anyone by trying to show off
  9. Take it slow
  10. Ask questions if you need to
 Most importantly remember your own limitations and injuries you may have and keep smiling.

For kickboxing day 1 workout ideas read this article called " Fitness Kickboxing Class - Day 1, The First Day".

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