Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bicep Exercises - How are you training your Biceps?

There are so many ways to train your biceps.   Many people love to do the seated dumbbell bicep curl.  I also see alot of people performing alternating dumbbell curls while standing.  The real important thing is making sure you don't get to stuck in a routine, and to mix up your exercises every once and awhile. 

Here is a brief list to help you in case you have got bored or your current bicep routine or you are looking for more ways to target your biceps and upper arms.

  1. Seated preacher curls
  2. TRX band curls
  3. Close grip chin ups
  4. Hammer curls
  5. Using machine
  6. Resistance Bands
  7. Barbell Curls
There are numerous other ways to target the bicep muscles.  If you are looking for a more detailed way on training your biceps with the exercises listed above, then read this article called "The 7 Best Different Ways to Workout Your Biceps".

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